Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The EPA's grand pronouncement ... Monkey chatter!!

Since the grand wizard of the EPA took it upon herself to declare the most vital plant nutrient on the Earth a hazard to human health, I think it is time we rein in the unelected monkeys in our bureaucracy before they make themselves an even bigger hazard to human health, by forcing policies on us that would create food and fuel shortages as well as skyrocket both the unemployment and inflation rates in the middle of a recession.

Does anyone have a clue what would happen if this out of control alphabet soup monkey farm would shove down our throats in the way of trying to control the output of carbon dioxide from combustion plants all over the nation? Ask an engineer what stoichiometric combustion means. He should tell you it means carbon dioxide and water are the two main exhaust gases produced by ANY kind of "fossil" -- really abiotic -- fuel combustion upon which we still rely for 80 percent of our electricity and 100 percent of our transportation. If they try to install scrubbers to remove all of that CO2, we'd end up with a HUGE solid waste problem, not to mention, what if this scheme was even somehow successful in reducing CO2 in the atmosphere --- now ask BIOLOGISTS about the FERTILIZER EFFECT of CO2!! Guess why they call it the "Greenhouse Effect?" IT MAKES PLANTS GROW!

But a banana eating simian bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur and more factoids than brains can't tell you that, it's not in her sign language vocabulary!

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