Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Climate Change and the EPA Power Grab

Although the House of Representatives has no power to ratify a potential climate change treaty signed by the President, it does have exclusive power to initiate revenue bills, and members of Congress will be charged with the duty to raise serious questions about the high costs of climate change "Cap'n Trade" legislation and treaties, as those costs will be borne by American taxpayers who elect the lawmakers of this Republic.

It is also the responsibility of both houses of Congress to define the limits of
federal regulatory agencies, notably the Environmental Protection Agency, an unelected federal agency which has been preparing a power grab over the carbon dioxide issue for years, and has now declared CO2 to be a substance harmful to man. The EPA acted in spite of abundant scientific evidence that carbon dioxide is an indispensable nutrient for plants, which use it to make sugars naturally. CO2 also has a well-known "fertilizer effect" that is responsible for much of the agricultural success of the 20th and 21st centuries, which has staved off the starvation of billions of people in a burgeoning world.

Since it is the intention of the EPA to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the extent of significantly impacting the ratio of CO2 in the atmosphere, I submit that it is the EPA and like-minded simian bureaucrats that have become harmful to human life, and it should be proposed in Congress that this agency's funds and regulatory scope be sharply curtailed before its anti-life policies result in the mass starvation of both humans and animals in our ecosystem.

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