Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For the Rapture to happen in 2011...

First of all, forget the date favored by Harold Camping in May, that has nothing to do with the Feast of Trumpets, when the trumpet will sound and call those who trust Christ to go home to the Lord, escaping death and soon establishing the kingdom of the saints. The Rapture of the Church (not to be confused with later catchings-away of other believers in the Tribulations such as the 144,000, the two prophets and the multitude later on) will take place on Jesus Christ's real birthday on the Jewish calendar, the Feast of Trumpets. No matter what year it is, that's the date on the calendar of the catching away of His people.

Second, the construction of the Temple, for reasons I've given in earlier articles in this blog, must be already underway. This requires there to be a red heifer so that ashes may be provided for purification rituals in Jewish law. This is not a Christian process; the people doing this will not be those who are getting in the Church Rapture, but the Jewish priests who are serving into the time of the Antichrist. I don't know if the sacrifice of the heifer is required for the construction of the Temple, but it IS required for the sacrifices on the altar, so without it there is no point to building the Temple complete with the altar. As stated before, Israeli engineers say they need a year to complete it, and the sacrifices MUST begin, proceed, be interrupted and the desolation of the sanctuary last 2,300 days into the seven year Tribulation period under Antichrist, 45 days after the end of which he comes to perdition and the Lord returns to Jerusalem. I've counted back and that comes back to spring, near or on Passover that the sacrifices begin. That makes that Passover six months AFTER the Rapture, and since it takes a year to build the Temple, construction must have begun around the Passover BEFORE that Rosh Hashanah that Christ takes His people home.

In short, if they don't find a red heifer, they aren't going to build it... but if they DO start to build it BEFORE or AROUND Passover, it opens the door to the Rapture that fall. One other thing... I've also timed out (at least approximately) the time of the ending of the sacrifice with the Antichrist's invasion and desolation of the Temple, which occurs the same time as the killing of the two prophets or witnesses which we take to be Moses and Elijah (not Enoch, he already witnesses to this day through his mighty works of stone on the Giza plateau and possibly other places.) Count back 42 months of 30 days (1,260 days) and by my count they arrive about six weeks or so BEFORE the catching away of the Church. So we will have warning when this is about to take place.