Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cap and Trade makes us Slaves to Fraudsters!

I remain opposed to so-called cap and trade legislation. It will impose an unfair and unnecessary burden on the people and businesses of the United States in a time when we are in a recession and need to cut taxes and spending in order to give commerce a chance to create badly needed jobs.

I don't know what possesses the liberal interests in this country to continue to advocate suffocating commerce, which is the engine of the American economy, but this needs to stop. So-called man induced climate change has been exposed as a fraud in the flap over IPCC-East Anglia-CRU emailings, though many climatologists and other scientists already knew the science behind it is questionable at best. 30,000 of them, in fact.

I'm not a fan of making government policy based on evidence coming from one side with an anti-American axe to grind, that being the United Nations, under whose aegis the IPCC operates. It seems to continually escape the attention of Democrats and other liberals that the UN is presently run by a clique of Third World and Muslim-dominated nations whose interests lie in exploiting and confiscating the wealth of successful capitalist (and Christian) nations whenever they can get away with it. It is political malpractice to sign onto the pap that comes out of the UN, let alone adopt it as American policy to a heavy financial cost and loss of civil rights that will be borne by taxpayers and consumers.


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