Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Copenhagen Conference of Fraudsters and Willing Chumps

I believe the President would be well advised, in the light of recent revelations of fraudulent behavior impacting the datasets of the IPCC upon which assertions of man induced climate change are based, to not go to Copenhagen, to not sign any treaties giving away American citizens' rights and income, and to disassociate the United States Government from the man induced global warming bandwagon completely.

Since I already know this is not going to happen, I appeal to every Representative and every Senator, along with all of the readers of this letter in Congress.org, to refuse and resist the agenda of the now exposed fraudsters under the United Nations, whose purpose is and always has been to make any rhetorical argument needed and suppress any inconvenient evidence to the contrary to advance the seizure of American assets, both public and private, for United Nations use, with or without due process of law or regard for the Constitution of the United States.

This agenda to deprive Americans of their income and freedom should be resisted by means up to and including impeachment of collaborating officers of the United States if necessary and removal of any officers of the United Nations responsible for this fraud from the territories of the United States, including the United Nations facilities located within it.

STOP the Climate Fraud NOW!


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