Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get your license renewed NOW if you can!!

It's the last minute, I know! If you live in Florida, you have until January 1, 2010 to renew your driver's license before the REAL ID Act goes into effect. After that, you will need THREE forms of ID just to get a license to drive ... and to VOTE!!!

I renewed today and my class E is good until my birthday in 2018... which is well past the date I have projected for the Rapture (Sept. 28-29, 2011.) If you are reading this and you are due up to 18 months from now, you can renew and I suggest you do it before offices close for the holidays!!

Simian bureaucrats STAY OUT of my medical business!!!

I still see indications that health insurance coverage will be mandated by the Congress, enforced by fines and jail. I cannot stand for this.

It's really the "mandated" part that bothers me the most. As a taxpaying citizen of a free republic, I have no interest in participating in a privacy-threatening system ruled by bureaucrats against my will. When I hear Nancy Pelosi say that a $3500 fine for not enrolling is "fair," I cringe and that's the least of the emotions that runs through me about this.

I want to make myself clear. No mandates, no compromise on medical privacy, no bureaucrats in control of medical decisions.

I repeat: No mandates, no compromise on privacy, no bureaucrats controlling MY medical decisions.


Climate Change and the EPA Power Grab

Although the House of Representatives has no power to ratify a potential climate change treaty signed by the President, it does have exclusive power to initiate revenue bills, and members of Congress will be charged with the duty to raise serious questions about the high costs of climate change "Cap'n Trade" legislation and treaties, as those costs will be borne by American taxpayers who elect the lawmakers of this Republic.

It is also the responsibility of both houses of Congress to define the limits of
federal regulatory agencies, notably the Environmental Protection Agency, an unelected federal agency which has been preparing a power grab over the carbon dioxide issue for years, and has now declared CO2 to be a substance harmful to man. The EPA acted in spite of abundant scientific evidence that carbon dioxide is an indispensable nutrient for plants, which use it to make sugars naturally. CO2 also has a well-known "fertilizer effect" that is responsible for much of the agricultural success of the 20th and 21st centuries, which has staved off the starvation of billions of people in a burgeoning world.

Since it is the intention of the EPA to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the extent of significantly impacting the ratio of CO2 in the atmosphere, I submit that it is the EPA and like-minded simian bureaucrats that have become harmful to human life, and it should be proposed in Congress that this agency's funds and regulatory scope be sharply curtailed before its anti-life policies result in the mass starvation of both humans and animals in our ecosystem.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Copenhagen Conference of Fraudsters and Willing Chumps

I believe the President would be well advised, in the light of recent revelations of fraudulent behavior impacting the datasets of the IPCC upon which assertions of man induced climate change are based, to not go to Copenhagen, to not sign any treaties giving away American citizens' rights and income, and to disassociate the United States Government from the man induced global warming bandwagon completely.

Since I already know this is not going to happen, I appeal to every Representative and every Senator, along with all of the readers of this letter in, to refuse and resist the agenda of the now exposed fraudsters under the United Nations, whose purpose is and always has been to make any rhetorical argument needed and suppress any inconvenient evidence to the contrary to advance the seizure of American assets, both public and private, for United Nations use, with or without due process of law or regard for the Constitution of the United States.

This agenda to deprive Americans of their income and freedom should be resisted by means up to and including impeachment of collaborating officers of the United States if necessary and removal of any officers of the United Nations responsible for this fraud from the territories of the United States, including the United Nations facilities located within it.

STOP the Climate Fraud NOW!

Cap and Trade makes us Slaves to Fraudsters!

I remain opposed to so-called cap and trade legislation. It will impose an unfair and unnecessary burden on the people and businesses of the United States in a time when we are in a recession and need to cut taxes and spending in order to give commerce a chance to create badly needed jobs.

I don't know what possesses the liberal interests in this country to continue to advocate suffocating commerce, which is the engine of the American economy, but this needs to stop. So-called man induced climate change has been exposed as a fraud in the flap over IPCC-East Anglia-CRU emailings, though many climatologists and other scientists already knew the science behind it is questionable at best. 30,000 of them, in fact.

I'm not a fan of making government policy based on evidence coming from one side with an anti-American axe to grind, that being the United Nations, under whose aegis the IPCC operates. It seems to continually escape the attention of Democrats and other liberals that the UN is presently run by a clique of Third World and Muslim-dominated nations whose interests lie in exploiting and confiscating the wealth of successful capitalist (and Christian) nations whenever they can get away with it. It is political malpractice to sign onto the pap that comes out of the UN, let alone adopt it as American policy to a heavy financial cost and loss of civil rights that will be borne by taxpayers and consumers.


The EPA's grand pronouncement ... Monkey chatter!!

Since the grand wizard of the EPA took it upon herself to declare the most vital plant nutrient on the Earth a hazard to human health, I think it is time we rein in the unelected monkeys in our bureaucracy before they make themselves an even bigger hazard to human health, by forcing policies on us that would create food and fuel shortages as well as skyrocket both the unemployment and inflation rates in the middle of a recession.

Does anyone have a clue what would happen if this out of control alphabet soup monkey farm would shove down our throats in the way of trying to control the output of carbon dioxide from combustion plants all over the nation? Ask an engineer what stoichiometric combustion means. He should tell you it means carbon dioxide and water are the two main exhaust gases produced by ANY kind of "fossil" -- really abiotic -- fuel combustion upon which we still rely for 80 percent of our electricity and 100 percent of our transportation. If they try to install scrubbers to remove all of that CO2, we'd end up with a HUGE solid waste problem, not to mention, what if this scheme was even somehow successful in reducing CO2 in the atmosphere --- now ask BIOLOGISTS about the FERTILIZER EFFECT of CO2!! Guess why they call it the "Greenhouse Effect?" IT MAKES PLANTS GROW!

But a banana eating simian bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur and more factoids than brains can't tell you that, it's not in her sign language vocabulary!