Sunday, October 14, 2007

Who should be President?

To tell you the truth, I do not have fixed in my mind yet who I should vote for to be the next President. Obama seems to be the freshest candidate, yet there are some questions about his background, probably unfair ones, but the majority of information about his early years seems to come from his autobiography, and is fairly often seen quite differently by the people he grew up with. Hillary Clinton is the most experienced Democratic candidate, having advised a previous President (Bill) through eight years and with access to his advisors, but also having compromised on her original vision of single-payer health care.... and while I would really like to see nationalized health care, I also fear that it would lead to another loss of privacy as the government becomes as heavily involved in our private health concerns the way insurance companies already are. This nation seems to increasingly lack discretion about the records of its citizens, and instead of compartmentalizing information to protect us, it only does that to protect itself, while opening our records applying to private matters, like medical care and addiction treatment, to examination by agencies across the spectrum of government, such as tax agencies that you have to justify exemptions for health care to, or law enforcement which this country has seen fit to involve so deeply in the matter of addiction treatment.

As for the GOP field I could dispense with them in one sentence, just about. Too conservative, too law-and-order, too ready to sell our rights down the river for the sake of order and security. Not that the Democrats are not almost fatally flawed in this respect -- their utter disregard for the Second Amendment is well known, and as a Christian I feel I have some cause to worry how well people like me would be respected in our First Amendment rights. Churches already have had their lobbying rights threatened by campaign finance reform.

And now in Florida we have the spectacle of our state being disqualified from voting at the Democratic Convention because the Republican-dominated state legislature moved the primary dates back to January. A deliberate act of sabotage that the Democrats on the national level saw fit to ignore for the sake of following party rules, instead of making an exception because of the utter unfairness of having that decision made for them by Republicans! Why not, if you're a Democrat, do more to disenfranchise your own voters and plan to lose ANOTHER Presidential race!

Of course, if the dissolution of the Posse Comitatus Act results in a coup d'etat none of this will matter anyway, the struggle for just government will be far more basic -- it will be about overthrowing the fascists that stole our country. Good luck. I'll just be looking heavenward knowing my redemption is nigh -- maybe not nigh enough to avoid arrest and imprisonment for dissent, but nigh enough, maybe, to be caught up to see my Lord in the flesh without tasting death, and to be given power to ride with Him as He takes vengeance on the enemies of His people.

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