Saturday, October 27, 2007

Speculation on whether Bush and Ahmedinejad planned the next war

I see a way for the Iran war to happen without a terrorist (false flag op) on American soil. (I think the Bush boys know the American public is getting wise to that.) No, what I foresee happening, if the conspiracy theory holds true about the Iraqi war being related to shale oil, and price regulation to push America into world energy dominance, is this:

Following the meeting between Bush and Ahmedinejad that may have taken place in the UN Assembly building in New York City recently, both nations begin ratcheting up tensions and sending signals out that they are becoming more aggressive. Simultaneously the arms and funding to the insurgents in Iraq are closed off as Iran diverts its attention to the coming war and the US prepares with a buildup of military assets in the region. (Anyone notice the Iraq combat deaths in October are running half of what they were last month and only a third of August?) So, conveniently, the scenario to keep oil prices high is contracted between Iran and the United States, in order to have a showdown between the two countries amid the background of the US being able to claim it won the war against the insurgents in Iraq. Of course it did, it was the US who funded most of the insurgency in the first place... just cut the funds and the insurgency stops.

So here's the rest of the scenario as I see it playing out, if there is a real conspiracy between Bush and Ahmedinejad: Iran launches a major invasion of Iraq's northern regions -- Kurdistan -- and Turkey sends in forces of its own. Rather than withdraw, the US and Iraqi forces counterattack (with a Congressional mandate in Bush's hands -- always gotta respond to naked aggression, after all) and that counterattack send both nations across their borders again. That ends the war for Turkey, since it's a NATO ally and it's facing its own ally on the battle lines, but drives it into the camp of Russia from then on, fulfilling Ezekiel 37 in part. As for Iran, that war becomes open-ended and both Iraqi and US forces are from then on engaged with Iran for years to come, ensuring that oil prices stay high and shale's development proceeds until the US becomes a net exporter of oil. After that happens energy prices drop and the situation in the Middle East calms down.... because energy prices dropped (somewhat) and the funding for arms and terror runs low again. Quite possibly, by that time the world is crying "peace, prosperity, safety" and following that..... the Great Tribulations.

If Bush and Ahmedinejad are not in cahoots, then I very much doubt there will be a US-Iranian war. I don't see most Iranians being that enthusiastic about invading Iraq, on their own volition. I think it would have to happen only because it was a conspiracy's idea to do it to inflate energy prices. The whole reason, by the way, that Iran wants nuclear reactors? They have seen the end of liquid crude oil on the horizon as an economically viable staple. Cold nuclear fusion research is slowly making its way in several parts of the world, though being subjected to pressure to suppress in the United States by big oil. Those in control of America want us permanently hooked on oil, and the world hooked on what will be American shale oil, for as long as possible before the cold fusion wave hits and ends all dependence on fossil fuels. And, I do not think the conspiracy will completely succeed -- that house of cards will topple long before they are ready for it to.

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