Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aliens don't get to have America's rights? And we fight for what, exactly...?

Senator Mel Martinez (R, Florida) wrote to me, in part:

"The strength of America depends on the preservation of our values. Terrorists who are detained in this war, and subsequently prosecuted, should be afforded an appropriate legal process; however, these detainees simply cannot and should not be afforded the same rights and process that our citizens enjoy in our courts."

I asked him in reply, "So you're saying aliens should not have the same rights as Americans? OK. What exactly are we fighting for in the Middle East then?"


Mr Wolf said...

If you listen to the anti-war rally chants, we are fighting for oil.

If the terrorists get our rights, do they win?

Turtle of Xanth said...

I'm of the view that the Geneva Convention should be followed. That means they should be treated as prisoners of war for the duration of the conflict. You don't have to let prisoners of war go as long as the war is continuing, nor do you allow them to have unauthorized communications that involve them in the fighting from inside the prison.