Friday, September 11, 2009

Oliver Stone and Hugo Chavez kiss each other's rears

Chavez walks Venice red carpet with Oliver Stone says the byline from the Ass-ociated Depress on Sep. 8, 2009 5:15 AM ET (AP) in a two thirds to three quarters fawning article by Colleen Barry.  You know, I used to like and respect Oliver Stone as a director; he made some movies which were quite interesting about the JFK assassination and some other topics.  

But for the first time I now realize just how deeply rooted he is in the leftist Hollyweird propaganda society... I mean, the article says Stone puts Cuba and Venezuela "on the same page" with Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Bolivia... What does that mean?  We now have a seven-nation anti-US Marxist bloc on our hands in Latin America?  Thank God Honduras kicked out Zelaya or we'd have eight!

I wonder... if Oliver Stone ever made a movie about Roberto Micheletti, would the actor playing him end up staring at paintings in the Presidential residence in Tegucigalpa and sweating a lot like Anthony Hopkins did in Nixon?  You know, as if Nixon was supposed to be tortured because he wasn't leftist enough to qualify for sainthood?  Who else thought those kinds of scenes looked contrived and unnatural?

Well, here's this movie critic:

"...Stone has not made a history. As best as I can tell, about half the movie is based on facts. The other half ranges from sound speculation to borderline slander."

Now what sort of right wing nut critic would ever level such a charge at the great director Oliver Stone? How about Bob Woodward of the Washington Post? Bob Woodward!!!

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