Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lockerbie bomber getting congratulated by the world

Just to prove how sick the rest of the world is getting, as if it wasn't enough that the UK released the murdering terrorist convicted of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, and that Libya grossly and hideously insulted the West, America, and everything decent by giving this piece of ghuy'cha' a warm fuzzy welcome home in Tripoli, but now 150 leaders from the Pan African Parliament are giving him a visit, like they were old friends... representing mostly the various tyrannies and plutocracies of the African continent... all paragons of honorable constitutional government in their own eyes, I'm sure.

Read this article in Yahoo News to see for yourself.  I spit on the African Union if this is the sort of thing it endorses!  And don't fail to read the bottom of the article where the African Union parliamentarians' excuse to visit this vile butchering petaQ is put on a moral equivalency with European leaders visiting Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor grossly and unfairly accused and convicted by the Libyan so-called justice system for deliberately spreading AIDS, as if you could ever find a whole group of volunteering medical professionals, dedicating their lives to helping poor people in the rest of the world, from Europe or from ANYWHERE who would ever do such a thing on purpose.

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