Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is Syrian terrorist Abu Musab Al-Suri the future Antichrist?

It has occurred to me many times since writing the articles about Mousavi that, having fallen far out of favor with the mullahs who are the true rulers of Iran, he does not stand much of a chance of becoming the new President of the country in the near future, that office about to be assumed August 3, 2013 by a "moderate" cleric named Hassan Rouhani who was elected in the past week.  Given Mousavi's current age (71 years old) and stated, virtually pro-Western ideology, it does not seem to me he will ever win the approval of the Guardian Council.

Those who have read my posts on the Nostradamus-predicted Third Antichrist, "Mabus," and on Mir Hossain Mousavi and my suspicions about him being the Antichrist should therefore be advised to treat that suspicion with more caution... There are other leading men in the region of the Middle East with names similar to Mousavi and Musab, or identical with them.  (I have also recently discovered, using a prominent version of Hebrew gematria that the number 666, expressed as chi xi stigma in Greek, in Hebrew may translate to m-s-v, that is, final -mem, samekh, and vav.)

Anyway, one such person is named Abu Musab Al-Suri, aka Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, reportedly the most dangerous terrorist in the world by one account.  Spain wanted him extradited for his suspected role in the 2004 Madrid terrorist attack perpetrated by Al-Qaeda.  The US reportedly captured him or perhaps got custody of him from Pakistan's capture of him for a short time in the mid 2000s, then reportedly renditioned him to Syria (where he was born) to extract more information out of him.  But in late 2011 due to deteriorating relations with the US over the Syrian civil war, Syria released him and he has been free ever since.  It is now apparent from at least one Facebooker that he is now aiding the rebellion against the Syrian government.  As the Antichrist is prophesied to come to power by illicit but apparently bloodless means (by flatteries or intrigue), the post-revolutionary government is likely to be weak, run by a provisional regime and vulnerable to a coup d'etat.

Here is a very, very interesting quote from Abu Musab Al-Suri regarding the Afghanistan war which, not surprisingly, he also had a role in as a member of Al Qaeda attached to the Taliban: "The prophet’s prophecies assures the return of Afghanistan and the rise of the black flags army from Khurasan. We will win and continue our role together till victory."  This statement indicates an acute awareness of the hadiths about the Mahdi organizing massive forces to come from that area and, under those black flags, erase the state of Israel from the map.  Afghanistan was also part of the ancient Seleucid Empire in its beginnings, while Syria and Iraq were its heartland.  (Syria still claims the Turkish city of Antakya, formerly known as Antioch, capital of Seleucid Syria, as its own.)

And as Abu Musab Al-Suri is a rather handsome, redheaded, light-skinned green eyed Caucasian it is not hard to foresee that he could cultivate an image friendly to European nations and to the United States, despite his previous activities with Al-Qaeda.

So this is one possible example of a potential Antichrist with a known hatred of Israel and America, who is now involved in the rebellion against Bashar Al-Assad of Syria.


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