Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So the headlines all over the place are blaring that Obama supposedly cannot guarantee that Social Security checks will go out if the government defaults on the national debt on August 2.

Pardon the frick out of me, but last I checked, Social Security was supposed to be solvent through 2036 and is SELF FUNDED via FICA taxes!! That tells me that the President has no authority to hold up payments since that entire program is reckoned SEPARATELY from the general funding of the Federal Government.

So... either he means that Social Security is now being funded out of the general budget and is actually itself in default, or he simply means to raid it for funds to pay for other ongoing schemes, or... he is lying in an attempt to blackmail senior citizens into a push for new taxes. If the first is true, he has concealed this fact from the GAO and other accounting authorities which may be a federal crime; if the second is true, he is conspiring to commit fraud, and if the third is true, he is treasonably misleading the Congress into making bad decisions.

It's time to impeach this President, remove him from office (and all of his appointees), try him for the appropriate charges and by the grace of God (to us, not to him) convict him and send him to prison long enough to still have to be here for the denouement of whatever chaos he has already wreaked upon the rest of us.

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