Thursday, April 17, 2008

What I said to the jackbooted thugs of Texas CPS.

This is a consolidation of my four messages (to get around their 2000 character limit) to Texas Children's Protective Services. Not a word was left out of the content of my messages.

To: Office of Consumer Affairs

Subject: Jackbooted thuggery and fascist oppression


1. If you people of CPS had any decency whatsoever, you would return those children to their mothers immediately with an apology and a slate of numerous resignations for your role in the evil you have perpetrated against my fellow citizens in your state. You should be ashamed of yourselves over what you have done to those 416 children and their parents, the members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As a Christian, one not of that denomination, I am appalled.

2. The last time I checked there was still a United States Constitution that is the supreme law of the land even in Texas. You violated the First Amendment right to freedom of worship by going after this religious group AS A GROUP. You violated the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure -- how it is reasonable to seize kids from mothers over what is accused between one child and one man is beyond me utterly, and the so-called probable cause is ONE anonymous call to 911??? You besmirch and insult the memory of those who died on Sept. 11, 2001 by that trivialization and abuse of that number. And so you ARE an insult to rescue and protection services everywhere.

3. You violated the Fifth Amendment by depriving those children of their parents without due process of law which by the way IS determined by Amendment Six, which you also violated by taking persons WITHOUT a trial, AND by taking the word of one witness who they have not been given the opportunity to confront at a trial. You violated the Eighth Amendment by depriving those mothers of their children for nothing more than membership in a group you don't like, which is cruel and unusual punishment of both those children and their parents. Proud of yourselves?

4. This act by CPS tells me that you have gone way beyond redemption. I doubt you will change your minds because of how seared your consciences must be to have carried out this felonious, treasonous crime against Americans and against Texans. Nevertheless I certainly think it is right that you should be told to your face what you did is WRONG in every sense of that word. When you face your Judge in the afterlife, you will be made to account for every one of these mothers and children. I believe that to be a fact. I am praying not for your redemption, but for your demise in this world at the hands of the American Civil Liberties Union or whoever else wants to sue you for every farthing you own, and by the way -- FIRST AMENDMENT CIVIL RIGHTS LIABILITY is UNLIMITED UNDER FEDERAL LAW!!!


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