Sunday, April 20, 2008

"The distinction that these kids are not poorly cared for in general lies in sharp contrast to many of the cases CPS sees. For the most part polygamist children in Eldorado are loved by their parents, not abused. The alleged abuse stems from a reinterpretation (the law was changed in 2005) of marriage laws in Texas specifically targeting this religious sect.(As an aside, it strikes me as bizarre that in an age where the idea of changing the definition of marriage to include gay people generates such strident opposition, changing the marriage definition to target a specific religious sect seems to be entirely non-controversial. Irony, thy name is Eldorado.)There's an arrogance in the state's decision to impose a group punishment for alleged acts by an individual against a victim who may not even exist." Grits for Breakfast,

So what you're telling me is the State of Texas passed a bill of attainder against the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints? We can add that to the list. Also, according to Fox Radio last night, the younger children who were initially ALLOWED to remain with their mothers are now to be separated from them and removed to "specialized housing." Tack on habeas corpus violations, too.

There is no part of the United States Constitution that is sacred to a child welfare fanatic.

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