Saturday, September 29, 2007

I sent the following email to Senator Mel Martinez (R, FL) and appended a copy to Senator Bill Nelson (D, FL) after reading that a cloture bill failed to revoke the suspension of habeas corpus for detainees. This is the text of the email:

I don't know by what rationale the GOP justifies the suspension of habeas corpus for detainees, maybe you could explain that to me? Last I checked the US Constitution, habeas corpus is not to be suspended except in cases of insurrection or invasion. I don't see an insurrection or an invasion. Just as a comparison, the Lincoln suspension of habeas corpus took place in the Civil War which was an insurrection. It's the only other time I'm aware of that this basic right in the body of the Constitution itself was ever suspended. I'm looking around and I don't see Confederate troops flooding the streets in gray or shelling Tampa.

If I or anyone I know is ever affected by this, I can promise a class action civil rights lawsuit for the highest sum of money I can convince a lawyer to sue for, and I will name everyone who votes to continue habeas corpus suspension, next time it comes up, as a respondent to that civil rights lawsuit. Just so we're all clear on what I think about this issue.

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