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II Esdras 11 prophecy -- The Eight Little Wings ... Rebooted!!

In 1918 eight little wings were created at the end of World War I fulfilling II Esdras 11; illustrating the Law of Double Fulfillment, six of those 8 perished in World War 2 ending up in Soviet occupation, but all 6 were freed around 1990. The prophecy has rebooted -- the first two little wings to perish re II Esdras 11:23 were Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia; both broke up in the 1990s.

The eight little wings are Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia, all appearing just after 1918. Two were conquered by Germany in 1939, Czechoslovakia and Poland (also by the USSR.) Four fell in World War 2, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in 1940 as well as Hungary in 1944. At the end of the war Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and the rest of Poland came under Soviet control. Yugoslavia was conquered by Germany in 1941 but regained independence in 1945; Finland was battered by the USSR but remains to this day. So for over 40 years there were only two little wings remaining on their own more or less, Yugoslavia and Finland, but with a dictatorship remaining awake in Soviet Russia, the head on the right.

The six wings under Russia's thumb during the Cold War era, namely Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary regained independence in the late 1980s-early 1990s; with Yugoslavia and Finland continuing to this time, the initial conditions of the prophecy were re-created with all 8 little wings present once again. But this time, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia both broke up, more exactly following the wording in II Esdras that they would VANISH -- not go under an eagle's head. This prophecy was originally thought to have been fulfilled by World War 2 but it was not really even close to being an exact fulfillment. There were only supposed to be two of the eight still independent as the middle head awakened (Italy) and united the other two heads (Russia and Germany) to itself. Not quite square with the sequence of events in context... Mussolini took power in 1922, Stalin a little later, Hitler in 1933. Italy/Mussolini perished in "his own bed" -- he was executed by antifascist Italians in 1945 as Italy was split by the Allied conquest and civil war. The head on the right (Russia) did eat the head on the left (Germany, partly.) However that triple alliance did not form the Axis, Germany broke its pact with the Soviets in 1941 with its invasion of the USSR and I find no indication the Italians ever invited Russia to a table with them, at least not prominently. Moreover instead of World War Two starting with just two of the eight little countries still on their own, it started with the invasion of only the SECOND of the eight nations to lose their independence, Poland. Czechoslovakia alone was gone, there were seven left, not two, and six left after Poland was devoured by BOTH left and right heads.

Given post-1990 history and the prophecy in II Esdras 11, do not expect Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia to ever reunite. They're gone for the duration of the prophecy. Instead, two more nations will go "under the head on the right," meaning Russia's influence in Eastern Europe will expand and two more of the six left -- Poland, the three Baltic countries, Finland, or Hungary -- will become Russian satellites. That's next in that region. Now... time for a thought exercise: Let's say the two nations that go into the Russian orbit are Hungary and Finland -- just using them for an example, for political reasons briefly given later. Who would be left? Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. The prophecy indicates two moving to the head on the right, and that appears to be a willing walk, not a devouring act or a simple disappearance as seen in other parts of the prophecy.

Parenthetically, in history the two most territorially ambitious of those six states have been Poland and Hungary, in the 1920s in Poland's case, in the 1940s in Hungary's case. Partial initial fulfillments at the time, perhaps.

After that four will be left, and of those four Eastern European nations, which in my thought exercise are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, two will become territorially ambitious, rising up one by one and quickly disappearing. (For the sake of the thought exercise we'll say it's Lithuania and Poland... both might have significant grudges against Germany and Russia historically... the other two really aren't big enough to have realistic territorial ambitions.) It will be THEN that a form of Fascist or Communist state in Italy will arise... the other two heads, Germany and Russia, will unite with it (presumably in alliance or confederation similar to the European Union, perhaps in repudiation of the EU.)

In any case, the next two rising up (Poland? and Lithuania?) will be eaten up by the three heads when they awaken. So only two of the six (Estonia? and Latvia?) will be left when the Italian-German-Russian autocrats arise and align with each other. They will destroy the last two (Estonia and Latvia, in the thought exercise) of those nations in the Great Tribulation. The three heads then also end up at war with the Antichrist ruler in the Middle East, joining forces with the Eastern powers and ultimately seeming to defeat the Antichrist at the end, but then foolishly attacking Israel at Megiddo where they too will perish when the Messiah returns (this is from a combination of Ezekiel 37, Daniel 11 and 12, and Revelation.) II Esdras adds the detail that it's after the middle head (Italy or its ruler) disappears that things really get bad... perhaps a hint that by then the latter and worse half of the Great Tribulation is under way, and that's when the head on the right, Russia presumably, eats and finishes off Germany, quite firmly bringing Gomer under Gog's wing in Ezekiel 37 although the alliance is complete before then anyway. When Russia, however, is coming to its end among the tumult of those last days, the first two of the six -- thought exercise-wise, Finland and Hungary -- will take over in Central Europe for a very short time as either the ruler or simply the power of Russia is broken at the end.

If this is confusing, all you really have to remember is the next two little wings -- two from the following six will move to the Russian side: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, or Hungary. They're prophetically shown going in a way that might be voluntary, and they are the two that when Russia turns its attention away to fight with the forces of Antichrist, they will seize power at the very end of the Tribulations, and during their rule is the crescendo of the end times that ends with Christ (the Messiah) returning and wiping the floor with all of the opposition.

Ezekiel 37 ties into this as well. Ezekiel 37 is about Russia; it says an alliance will be formed with Rosh, Meshech and Tubal (Russia, Moscow, Tobolsk) expanding to include Beth Togarmah (House of the Turks, which to me may signify both the entire former Ottoman Empire and the Central Asian Turkic nations), Gomer (Germany), Put (Libya), Cush (Ethiopia or Sudan, or possibly Iraq or Afghanistan by other usages), and Persia (Iran.) So far, they pretty much have Iran, Turkey is wavering, Libya's in the fomenting sandwich between Tunisia and Egypt, Sudan is splitting apart, and with the incredible foreign policy of Obama these days, who knows what else is about to happen. One thing to note about southern Sudan, that area had recently been proposed to be named "Republic of Kush," but is due to be independent this year as Southern Sudan (2011.)

After researching Eastern European politics, it seems to me the two nations the most likely to waver and head over to the Russian side are Hungary and Finland. It's not at all certain to me but I'd say odds on, they're the next two wings to go, and they won't be dissolved like Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia were, they will simply go under the head on the right (Russia.) That will leave four, which accordingly may be Poland and the 3 Baltic nations, who so far remain quite nationalistic. (About them, the prophecy says they will try to set up the rule... nationalism at work.) But, they could be any two of the six.

After having figured out that the prophecy of II Esdras rebooted itself and began to be fulfilled much more accurately, I have a lot more confidence that that prophecy is sound, plus by referring back to Daniel, it confirms Daniel, which is cornerstone stuff for figuring out where the Antichrist is going to come from. There is an introductory phase to the II Esdras 11 passage describing the 12 kings -- they happened to be the last 9 rulers of the Holy Roman Empire plus the 3 German kaisers. This is determined by the second of the 12 rulers ruling the longest, which was Leopold I who ruled the Holy Roman Empire from 1658-1705. The II Esdras beast -- the 3 headed eagle -- is the latter day version of the Roman Empire in Europe, comprising the three nations that have had Caesars ruling -- Russia with the tsars, Italy of course, and Germany with the kaisers. That vision covers the last roughly 400 years of history in Europe plus the near future... with fulfillments restarted beginning in 1991 for the 8 little 1918-born wings, as 2 of them vanished in the 1990s and six are left.

So there are apparently several stages of fulfillment left to go before the Great Tribulations happen, that are left in the prophecies of Ezekiel 37 and II Esdras 11. Egypt is only now turning and it will end up the troubler of the last days. But these nations will be part of the Russian alliance: Turkey (not gone yet but wavering), possibly other Central Asian Turkic countries, and Iran, Ethiopia, Libya, and and Germany, notably Iran which already has an alliance with Russia today. Russia will also expand into Eastern Europe again; by the time the Tribulations arrive there will only be two of the eight little wing nations left that were born in 1918... two are gone now, six remain and they go by twos. Next phase of that is two nations going into the Russian sphere of influence -- not destroyed, but becoming satellites judging from the wording. After that two others disappear -- they don't just move, they're gone, and I think that happens just before the Tribulations begin and the triple tyrannies appear in Italy, Germany, and Russia. Two only are left when the neofascist or communist regimes take over in Italy, Germany, and Russia, and they will perish at the hands of that alliance. My guess is that's still years away at least. After that, at the end, the two satellite nations that went willingly to Russia will revolt from Russia successfully, but last only long enough to see the final end of the Tribulations as Christ returns.

THE LAST TWELVE KINGS OF ROME (HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, GERMANY) -- Equated to the 12 wings of the Three Headed Eagle of II Esdras 11, dates covering rulership as Emperor-Elect:

(source, )

1. Ferdinand III 1637-1657
2. Leopold I 1658-1705 (note... this is the longest reign of the last 12 Emperors.)
3. Joseph I 1705-1711
4. Charles VI 1711-1740
5. Charles VII 1742-1745
6. Francis I Stephan 1745-1765
7. Joseph II 1765-1790
8. Leopold II 1790-1792
9. Francis II 1792-1806

Following dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, the next three German kings called Kaiser (from Caesar for Emperor of Rome) were not crowned by Rome and II Esdras considers them as "did not rule." They were the only three monarchs of the German Reich or German Empire.

10. William I 1871-1888
11. Frederick III 1888 (3 months)
12. Wilhelm II 1888-1918


Raimo said...

The Swedish government was responsible for the most iron ore the Nazis received. Kiruna-Gällivare ore fields in Northern Sweden were all important to Nazi Germany.

These massive deliveries of iron ore and military facilities from Sweden to Nazi Germany lengthened World War II. Casualties of the war have been estimated at 20 million killed in Europe. How many of them died due to Sweden's material support to Nazi Germany, is not known.

The Swedish drinking toast (skal) has a rather macabre background; it originally meant 'skull'. The word has come down from a custom practiced by the warlike and terrorist Vikings who used the dried-out skulls of their enemies as drinking mugs, with the evident advantage that the mug held a large quantity of mead and could be easily replaced.

Rick Littlefield said...

I just discovered this blog and am familiar with II Esdras. Thanks very much for making this info available! Now, about Finland: I have been there a lot, enough to know that the Finns still loathe Russia, all getting back to Russia's invasion during the War of '44, as the Finns call it. How do you suppose Finland might gravitate toward the east, as you remark above? Thanks again for your crucially important info in this blog. -- Rick

Turtle of Xanth said...

I will admit any two of those eight nations qualify to be the two that will gravitate toward the Russians. One thing is for sure: Two are already gone, having disintegrated in fulfillment of the prophecy: Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.