Thursday, October 8, 2009

NOOO!!! to Health Care Bills

I remain adamantly and resolutely opposed to mandatory health care coverage plans.

Cost control is not being addressed; I see nothing to bring down doctor's malpractice insurance premiums which are commonly over $200,000 per doctor, no tort reform, no limitations on patents -- recently extended to 12 years on drugs instead of being cut back as I have recommended -- no structural changes to cut back on waste, fraud, and abuse ... nothing of the sort. The big strategy is rationing and "good outcome" panels.

Privacy concerns are also being ignored. The great insistence on centralizing all medical records in a national database can have only one effect on privacy, it eliminates privacy. Many people have health issues crossing over into areas where law enforcement brings down its heavy hand or where discrimination becomes a terrorizing reality -- HIV, drug rehabilitation, and mental illness to name a few that stand out. How can these conditions be treated while preserving human dignity if we are being outed to employers or police or anyone who can defeat computer security? And what about identity theft?

In the end I believe that mandating coverage will provoke millions of people into breaking the law rather than being treated like cattle or slaves. I am one of those people and I DO promise you, if Congress mandates coverage and it passes, I will become an outlaw and I will be against this government forever, until it perishes from the earth!

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