Thursday, July 30, 2009

Honduran officials' visas revoked? is my Democratic Party registration!

I wrote the following missive to the President of the United States:

"I am against the revocation of visas to the Honduran official delegation sent by President Roberto Micheletti to Washington, DC. I consider revoking the visas, and other sanctioning actions so far taken, an act of treachery and cowardice against the constitutionally elected government of an allied nation. The Administration's actions toward Honduras have highlighted and brought into sharp focus the poisonous attitude of the Administration and the Democratic Party toward the self determination of the people of Honduras, toward foreign national sovereignty, and toward the principle of constitutional law. I fear its application, when it's deemed expedient, toward the people, sovereignty, and Constitution of the United States of America.

"It is due to these actions and many others by the Administration, in the realms of foreign policy, national defense, the conduct of the wars we are engaged in, so-called health care reform, expensive nationalizations of financial institutions and other corporations, proposals of restriction of speech rights of certain radio voices, the overall lack of fiscal restraint, excessive use of executive powers, and other issues that could be named, that I have decided to withdraw my voter registration in the Democratic Party and register as a Libertarian. Ironically, I believe the party I am joining has far more in common with the Liberal Party of Honduras than it does with the neo-Marxist dominated Democratic Party of these United States.

"Ciao bellissimo!"

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